Church Governance

The organizational structure of Manotick United Church is fully explained in the Church Constitution which can be viewed in its entirety by going to the Church Constitution webpage. 

The  Council and Trustees of Manotick United Church are as follows:

Manotick United Church Council 2016

Council Chair Catherine McVie
Fellowship Hilda Cleary
Stewardship/ Web Site
Peter Meinke Chair/ Fraser McVie Treasurer and Web Site
Discipleship Sheila McGaw
Outreach Donna Timm
Worship Marilyn Findlay
Property Peter VanZyl
M & P Richard Rogers
Presbytery Rich McDonald
Trustees Karen McVie, Steve Strickey,Willis Cleary Peter VanZyl
Council Members- at - large
Everett Chaffey, Scott Beckstead
Recording Secretary Lisa Richards